Wooden Packaging for Truro

Do you need packing and shipping services for valuable items, heavy objects, or awkwardly shaped goods from Truro to other locations within the UK or overseas?

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Custom Made Wood Packaging

Established in 1910, R. West & Son stands as Plymouth’s foremost provider of packaging solutions and Wooden Packaging for Truro, bringing over a century of expertise to the timber packaging industry. With a robust and extensive history, we have solidified our position as industry leaders in the packing sector, driven by our customer-centric approach and unwavering commitment to quality.

Our proficiency extends to packing various items, ranging from personal effects and heavy machinery to antiques, fine art, marine components, and various vehicles, including motorbikes and cars. Specialising in custom-made wooden pallets and Wooden Packaging for Truro, our innovative design solutions are crafted to help you minimise transportation costs. Collaborating with selected hauliers and shipping companies, we facilitate the global delivery of goods.

At the heart of our service philosophy lies promptness, professionalism, and friendliness. We provide the flexibility to package items at the location of your choice, ensuring that our packaging solutions precisely align with your specific requirements.

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Truro Packaging Services

If you require custom Wooden Packaging for Truro that ensures safe and secure shipping of your item, we are here to assist you. Our services include:

Collecting items from your business premises, home or shop and packing them securely on-site. 

Arranging onward shipping within the UK or worldwide as per your requirements. 

All timber products comply with ISPM15 regulations and come with import and export documentation. We provide free quotes for our services, and if you have any queries, please feel free to call us on 01752 664345. Our customer service hours are from 7 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.

    Export Packing Services

    Export Packing Services

    We transport your goods safely and securely at a competitive rate.

    Custom Wooden Pallets

    Custom Wooden Pallets

    We tailor our wooden pallets to precisely match your unique specifications.

    Compliant Export Packaging

    Compliant Export Packaging

    All of our wood packaging strictly conforms to ISPM15 standards.

    Wooden Crates & Packing Cases

    Wooden Crates & Packing Cases

    We have the flexibility to manufacture our wooden crates and packing cases in any size

    Timber Packaging & Shipping for Truro

    Wooden Packaging Truro - Wooden Packaging Solutions - R. West and Son

    At R. West & Son, our packing expertise knows virtually no bounds. Over the course of our history, we’ve crafted custom Wooden Packaging for a diverse array of items, including heavy machinery, medical equipment, sculptures, fine art, and even specialised packaging to house a magician’s illusions!

    Our capabilities span a broad spectrum – from packaging and shipping small batches of liqueur bottles to coordinating the relocation of entire factories, including machinery, stock, and signage. The range of goods we can transport is limitless. Whatever you need to move, we can create high-quality, durable packaging solutions tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring the protection of your valuable goods.

    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing case and crates for antiques - R. West & Son


    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing case and crates for fine art - R.West & Son

    Fine Art

    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing case and crates for cars & motorbikes - R. West & Son

    Cars & Motorbikes

    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing case and crates for personal effects - R. West & Son

    Personal Effects

    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing case and crates and pallets for heavy machinery - R. West & Son

    Heavy Machinery

    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing case and crates and pallets for heavy marine components - R. West & Son

    Marine Components

    Why Choose R.West & Son?

    With a heritage spanning a century in the timber packaging industry, we take pride in providing expert Wooden Packaging Services for Truro and the entire UK, dedicated to delivering personalised, individual, and professional service.

    As active participants in the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP) and The Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation (TIMCON), we strictly adhere to ISPM15 compliance. Our commitment is evident through bi-annual audits, ensuring our practices align with the industry’s exacting standards.

    ISPM 15 Certified - R West Packaging Solutions

    Through collaboration with trusted partners in the shipping and haulage sectors, we possess the capability to transport your goods for both UK delivery and global export, offering a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated service. Clients are encouraged to oversee and monitor the on-site packing services process, and we prioritise transparent and consistent communication throughout.

    Whether you require a small batch of wooden packing crates, repeat batches, or high volumes of wooden pallets, we are fully prepared to deliver. When it comes to packing, trust our experienced team to handle it with precision and care.


    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing cases, crates & pallets - client testimonial 1 - R. West & Son

    “Finding a local company who could manufacture packing cases to meet the recent ISPM15 timber packaging regulations for our aftersales department was high on our agenda. R. West & Son in Plymouth has successfully provided us with a reliable solution to this problem.”


    timber packaging solutions, wooden packing cases, crates & pallets - client testimonial 2 - R.

    “When we made the decision to move our manufacturing facility to China, there were several issues that needed hands-on management. When it came to shipping the machinery and components, the R. West & Son team took full control of the move, from arranging the containers to the packaging and paperwork required to complete the move. This was one less headache to deal with. A good, all-round job and R. West & Son are thoroughly recommended to anyone else needing a similar service.”