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The Benefits of Timber Packaging

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Why choose timber packaging?

Finding an affordable and efficient packaging solution, such as timber packaging, is key to lowering the costs of moving stock and plays an important part in reducing the overall outlay for transit. Whether you require export packaging services, export packing, wooden pallets, packing cases or crates, our wood timber packaging services are tailored to suit your needs. In this blog, we will look at the benefits of timber packaging, such as pallet packing and how this can reduce your outgoing costs.

Environmental benefits

Wood is highly used in the packaging industry because of its strength, moisture absorption and corrosion resistance. It is a highly efficient and flexible material, not to mention the environmental benefits. It lowers the company’s overall environmental footprint as it is low on manmade energy. This is energy spent (usually fossil fuels) on the production of a material and its transportation to the first place where it will be used. Did you know that approximately half of the weight of dry wood is carbon, which is taken from the atmosphere as CO2 and stored inside a tree? The carbon continues to stay inside the wood, isolated and hidden away until the wood rots or is manually burnt.

The Benefits of Timber Packaging - Wooden Logs - R West & Son


If properly maintained, wood packaging can be used for years. Did you know that the average life of a wooden pallet is about 10 years? During this time the pallet can be repaired, reused and refurbished, enhancing reusability. This can also be said of wooden packing crates, timber packing cases and export crates. When the wood is no longer considered viable this can be used for other things such as animal beds, furniture and even compost and mulch. Wood is extracted from nature, therefore it can be decomposed into nature.

Low cost

Timber packaging is cheaper to source and manufacture than plastic and metal alternatives, so is quite often available at a lower price. Long-term savings can be made in choosing timber packaging solutions, without compromising on quality. It is considered to be the most cost-effective packaging solution.

The Benefits of Timber Packaging - Wooden Pallets - R West & Son


Wooden packaging provides optimum space utilisation. Wooden crates or pallets can be easily stacked over each other, meaning that they save a lot of space when shipping. They are often used in industries that deal with heavyweight goods as they are strong, and capable of carrying heavy weight goods, or withstanding high pressures.

What’s next?

Choosing the right packaging container can make all the difference to your shipping requirements. Wood-based shipping containers continue to be the most sought-after, due to their ergonomics and solid structures. We can pack a wide range of items, including personal effects, heavy machinery, antiques, fine art, marine components, and vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. Custom packing cases and crates and wooden pallets are our specialities, and our clever design solutions can help you to reduce your transportation costs. We also manufacture packing cases to suit your needs, and provide export packaging services.

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