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Timber packing cases

When it comes to sourcing timber products for shipping, storing, or any other use, R West & Son packing cases are the perfect solution. With over 100 years of experience, our knowledge in manufacturing and supplying wooden packaging and shipping crates is second to none. From wooden shipping crates to large packing boxes we can accommodate all of your packaging requirements. Our packing crates are typically 100% timber and fully ISPM15 compliant, although the materials used in construction can be adjusted to meet your requirements. There’s no job too large or too small for R West & Son.

Our wooden packing cases are manufactured to your requirements and we are happy to provide advice on the most suitable packing cases and packing crates for your needs. From designing cases, through to construction, we’ll make sure that we contact you every step of the way.

Constructed with a timber base and frame

Our packing cases are really popular, and are the product most frequently chosen by our customers. These cases ensure that your goods are protected, as they are sealed and enclosed. They are a great option if you are exporting goods overseas or across the UK.

They are built with a timber base and frame and the sides are a strong sheet material. Designed for durability, you also have the option of adding a protective lining. Packing cases can be manufactured in any size you require, dependent on the product. They can also be supplied flat-packed (for you to assemble around the load) or fully assembled with a screwed lid (for you to load). The cases can be stacked, to gain more shipping space.

Certifications and accreditations

It’s important to take a good look at the certifications and processes a company offers. This is essential when choosing the correct packaging company for your specific needs. Check whether the company is a member of the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP) and The Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation (TIMCON). Are they fully ISPM15 compliant and audited on a bi-annual basis? ISPM15 is the internationally agreed standard for the treatment of all forms of packaging made from solid wood, and helps protect the world’s forests from disease and trade from costly delays. It is imperative that you check credentials to ensure they are meeting the industry’s exact specifications.

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Custom-made packing crates

Packing crates can be manufactured with a solid top and base and with slatted sides. This provides all-round physical protection for your goods, whilst leaving them visible to create a simpler customs inspection, as there’s no need to repackage afterwards. These are perfect for items that can survive exposure to the elements, such as motorbikes or outboard marine engines.

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R. West & Son were established in 1910, and we are Plymouth’s leading provider of timber packaging solutions and packing services. We have over a century of experience in the timber packaging industry.

Industry experts in the packing sector, we have a unique and long history, thanks to our customer-focused approach and commitment to quality. We can pack a wide range of items, including personal effects, heavy machinery, antiques, fine art, marine components and vehicles, such as motorbikes and cars. We specialise in custom packing cases and crates and wooden pallets and our clever design solutions can help you to reduce your transportation costs. We also work in partnership with selected hauliers and shipping companies to deliver goods across the world.

Offering a prompt, professional and friendly service, we can package items at the location of your choice, ensuring our packaging solutions are tailored to your exact needs.

If you would like to contact us with a question about our packaging range, our services or your packaging requirements, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact any member of the team on 01752 664345 or fill in the contact form to send us an email.